Here are some testimonials

Ian A. (on Yelp):

I have had a chronic back condition for around 10 years. I have consulted orthopedic specialists, been treated by physiotherapists, chiropractors and occupational therapists with mixed success. Recently I have been suffering yet another episode which has been the worst for many years. For those of you reading this with chronic conditions you will understand the pain, the discomfort, the feeling of walking with a resistance to every step. I was in quite a bad state when Xu Hadig was recommended to me.
I'm a sceptic at best when it comes to new methods for dealing with my back condition. I think that over the years I have collected good knowledge about what is wrong with my back and the best methods to repair it, and of course how to mitigate recurrence.
I spoke at length with Xu about the technique which she learnt under a Chinese Master in China. The technique that Xu applies is an acupressure method. I am a great believer in Eastern Medicine as it has a very strong historical and empirical basis. It treats the body as a living organism and avoids the intrusiveness of Western Medicine. The acupressure method relieves the pressure from discs, ligaments and muscles.
I visited Xu on four occasions as I progressively learnt the limitations of my own body to adjust my general exercise regime to better support the condition of my back. My back improved remarkably after the first treatment session and I used the other sessions for maintenance.
I am now coming on for 6 months since my first treatment and my back is in its best condition for 10 years.
Xu is patient and diligent in her technique. She is a firm believer in its effectiveness and I fully support anyone with a chronic back condition to go and see her. You will be very pleasantly surprised.

Customer from Mountain View (on Yelp):

Finically acupuncture can heal my pain. I got to review this clinic, because I have seen dramatic improvement within two weeks!!I went in with back pain (L4,L5 bulging disc as MRI shown). which keeps bothering me for past two years. My lower body posturer was all messed up and I notices I m always tilted on the right side of my body whenever I walk or sitting down.  Magically after the first section with Xu, I be able to bend down and touch my feet((unbelievable)) Xu was very humble and patient, she even taught me how to train  my muscle to avoid reinjury.  This is now my second week after my first treatment and I have gain back 80% of my mobility!!!!  I am going back for a following up in 2 weeks. Xu' acupressure treatment is life saver. I am sending my husband in to get this neck n lower back fix!  Now I got batter alignment, I can go back to my regular work out at the gym.